• Designing proper contract form basing on specified transaction;
• Drafting/reviewing contracts in various fields such as construction (including EPC); sale & purchase; business cooperation; real estate cooperation; finance, banking and insurance…
• Negotiating and providing legal support during the contract performance;
• Supervising the implementation of the contract to ensure full compliance with the agreements and regulations.


• Providing legal update in relation to client’s business activities;
• Providing day to day legal advice for transactions and business activities of enterprises;
• Supporting clients to organize Company’s structure and operation as well as internal management;
• Drafting/Reviewing contracts and other documents;
• Negotiating contract on behalf of enterprises;
• Protecting rights of Clients in any dispute;
• Consulting and supporting clients in connection with labor issues.


• Collecting and providing information on investment policy and master-planning of Vietnamese state in real estate and construction projects;
• Introducing potential locations for real estate and construction projects;
• Advising on agreements, contracts for investment cooperation, transfer of land-use rights among investors for project implementation;
• Advising on conditions, orders and procedures, and drafting necessary documents for fund mobilization for projects;
• Advising on transferring or leasing of projects;
• Advising on other related issues.


• Introduction of investment areas, and seeking investment partners; Recommending appropriate investment form;
• Consulting on taxation, credit, labor, land and environment protection policies to maximize clients’ benefits;
• Consulting, supporting in the completion of investment dossiers and procedures; applying for Specialized Licenses; and
• The other consulting activities as required by clients.


• Consulting about Legal Due Diligence and Financial Due Diligence of target enterprises;
• Consulting about the value of enterprise and assets which are object of M&A;
• Consulting about methods and solutions of M&A;
• Consulting and supporting during the negotiation of contracts, agreements for M&A (enterprise purchase contract, transferring share and contributed capital in enterprise, enterprise’ assets purchase contract);
• Completing the enterprises’ business registration after M&A; and


• Consulting about taxes: tax remission, tax allowance, tax reimbursement and other procedures relating to tax policy;
• Advising on legal solutions for commercial banks to finance investment projects;
• Consulting about debt purchase, debt settlement;
• Procedure of secured transaction registration and secured asset settlement;
• Advising on loan insurance, risk prevention in the field of finance and banking;
• Consulting about Initial public offering (IPO), issuing for capital increase, offering securities;
• Registering and placing securities, quoting transaction on securities trading centers; lending and mortgaging securities.


• Registering, changing intellectual property protection, and registering domain name;
• Registering products and trademarks;
• Consulting about license, technology transfer, franchising contract and other contracts related to intellectual property;
• Consulting about intellectual property rights’ performance;
• Protecting clients’ rights and benefits in settling intellectual property infringement and disputes, on behalf of the clients.


• Consulting about market accessing, products and seeking for business partners;
• Negotiating, Drafting, Reviewing and Finalizing foreign trade goods purchase contract, agent contract, distribution and franchising contract;
• Consulting about issues on transportation, insurance and international payment;
• Consulting about anti-dumping and trade self-defense issues.


• Consulting, negotiating and mediating the matter between parties;
• Consulting about legal procedures: claim, denunciation, litigation at the court or arbitrator;
• Preparing dossiers, documents and supporting evidences to work with relevant agencies, organizations and individuals during dispute settlement;
• Litigating at the court, arbitrator to protect legal rights and benefits for clients in the dispute;
• Consulting and supporting clients in the execution process and executing settlement resolution.